Revit not Printing Phasing Graphic Overrides Properly

Problem/Bug: Revit 2017 not printing views with ‘Phasing Graphic Overrides’ properly. In other words, the printed PDF looks different than the Revit view.

Some say, ‘just print Raster’. This is just not practical for the entire set. Raster files which are printed to a proper degree of quality end up being HUGE file sizes. Plus, you can’t measure off the rasterized PDF.

Here was the only workaround that I could get to work…

1. Selectively print only the files with Phasing Graphic Overrides to raster PDF
2. Print the rest of the set as vector PDF
3. Using Bluebeam, combine the raster and vector sheets together
4. Unfortunately the Adobe reader gives an error when attempting to open this file. So to get around this I printed the combined PDF from Bluebeam to another PDF. This seems to make the Adobe reader accept the file.

Autodesk, if you’re listening, please improve the print function of Revit. Please include a rock solid PDF export and import function. That being said, it was who…

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