Sharing a hologram between multiple HoloLens devices Part 1

I’ve been starting to work on extending the “Dancing Robot” HoloLens project to have a shared hologram: basically to have the position changes shared between devices, as well as the angles and speeds of the various parts of the robot arm.

There’s quite a lot to this. There needs to be a server somewhere that coordinates the messages sent between the various devices. There needs to be a shared concept of space, so that devices that are in the same room but in different locations – which is all of them, at least for the usage scenarios I’m currently considering – can place geometry in the same “real world” location.

Luckily the HoloLens Toolkit and its Unity-specific components – which were used in the Holograms 240 tutorial – incorporate a SharingService.exe server-side component as well as some infrastructure simplifying the use of “world anchors” that get exported/imported by the various connected devices.

But before looking into all that, it’s…

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