Sharing a hologram between multiple HoloLens devices Part 3

Over the weekend I managed to wind down nicely after giving 10+ hours of HoloLens demos on Thursday and Friday at our Design Night events (it may well have been less, but feels like it was much more).

In advance of the Design Night, I’d recorded a video that I ended up putting on a loop during the event. It was an effective way for people coming near the HoloLens exhibit to understand what it was all about.

Manipulating a robot in mixed realityWhat was particularly interesting to me was whether people understood – or even thought to question – how this video was made. You see me manipulating a hologram – along with the hologram in question – in the video, after all:



So how was it made? Well, my eldest son was wearing one HoloLens and used it to record the video. What you see in the video is pretty much exactly what he saw through the device (with a somewhat better field of view, of course). The recording had really bad audio, initially, so I ended up using a pretty significant filter on it. My…

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