Storytelling by Darren Brooker


Back in the day, designers were called UI Designers. Their primary goal was to design the User Interface (UI) of applications to ensure that it was “user-friendly.” In other words, the software had to be easy to use. It did not take long for them to realize that user-friendly applied to more than just the UI of an application, so they expanded their roles to be Experience (X) Designers. They define the experience as a holistic set of interactions with the user. This includes everything from downloading, trying, buying, licensing, and using the application day in/day out. In addition, it is not limited to applications. It applies to services as well. In short, everything about interacting with Autodesk.

Autodesk started out as a company focused on individual applications. Then we moved to addressing the needs of specific industries that spanned multiple applications. Now it’s about the whole user experience. We want our collections of applications and services to work…

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