Temporary Dynamo Panic

Picture this scene in your mind: you are at the customer office, you are about to give the best you have got for the very last day of a so far very successful workshop, you click on the Dynamo icon in Revit 2017 and that’s what appear before you:
Computers uh? ok, let’s try one more time… nothing, same message, let’s try sandbox.. it doesn’t even show up, let’s reboot… nothing, let’s uninstall clean and reinstall… nothing, let’s uninstall all the Dynamo versions you could possibly find…, let’s upgrade to the latest version… let’s try a different version of Revit, 2016, 2015… nothing, nothing, nothing!!!
There must be something on Dynamo Forum that explains how to solve this, right? well guess what.. nothing there. Ok let’s ask Google… same as above.
“The file exists”, over and over the same message!
What file? What are you talking about? Why are you messing up with me? Why this window does have no title?!?!??
Can you feel that uncomfortable sensation growing inside? and…

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