The Cad Users Can Now Apply Block-Based Programming Language To 3D Design With ScratchyCAD

ScratchyCAD’s new software will introduce block-based programming language to the 3D design world.

Now it is possible to generate and rectify 3D models for 3D printing as well as create animations, video games and interactive 3D websites which can be watched through virtual reality headsets.

ScratchyCAD integrates computer programming and computer-aided design in a easy interface by drag and drop style blocks. The user can avail complicated programming functions to specify objects like shapes, arrays, materials, lights, and simulations. This parametric feature is very useful for superior 3D modeling software to accomplish complicated design works automatically that leads to speedy iteration throughout the design process.

The company is planning to start a kickstarter campaign and introduce a series of courses for beginners. Each course includes various application as well as parametric modeling for 3D printing, video game design, interactive website development, virtual reality,…

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