The Player: Dynamo for the masses

Revit 2017.1 is out and the best summary you’ll find is over at the Revit cat:

The biggest news would be the inclusion of the Dynamo player. This is a brand new tool located right next to the Dynamo icon on the manage pane focused on being a “player” for all your dynamo scripts:

Since the majority of Revit users in any firm is still not very proficient in Dynamo, this means that they can use the scripts that others have created without the hassle of opening dynamo. Awesome!
Comparable to Dyno:  but a cleaner user interface in my opinion: 

Pretty basic. Set script folder, refresh, filter functionality and PLAY! 🙂 You can also edit the scripts by hitting the pen icon and Dynamo will open

But, because there is a but, it only works for scripts with OOTB nodes.The script can’t contain any custom packages. On the few test I’ve done it doesn’t seem to work even when the user have these packages…
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