The Process of Purchasing Personalized Creations


I can’t wear the most expensive shirt I have ever bought. It doesn’t fit. Even though I spent $89.95, I don’t think I could take 16 hours of shallow breathing. The shirt is too small in the chest for me to take a deep breath.

Original Stitch is an online fashion company based in San Francisco. They empower their members to build their perfect dress shirts from premium quality fabrics and an endless variety of patterns, styles, and details. Their mission is to liberate men like me from the slog of traditional shopping by offering convenience, simplicity, and flexibility. They want to provide shirts that guys want to wear versus what men can buy off the rack.

Their process is simple.

  1. Select a fabric.
  2. Measure yourself and supply the values.
  3. Place your order and wait for the shirt to arrive at your door.

There’s a wrong tool for the job:


and there’s a right tool for the job:


Another folly is to rely on historical data as in: my sports jacket is a 40 long so my…

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