The robots are coming to Design Night Switzerland

Yesterday afternoon I popped down to the Case à Chocs in Neuchâtel to see the first of the robots being set up for tomorrow’s big event – Design Night Switzerland, celebrating 25 years of Autodesk’s presence here.

The first arrival was courtesy of Rollomatic’s Humanoid Power division: they’ve configured one of their robots to perform that most important of tasks, serving beer.

Inspecting the merchandise

Prospective drinkers get to choose between a “Blonde” and an “Eve”, two products from the Cardinal brewery in Fribourg.


This isn't a tough decision


I’m already know which of these buttons I’ll be pressing, tomorrow. Here’s the robot in action… it still needed a bit of tweaking when I took the video, but you get the idea.



I’ll be sure to post more pictures from tomorrow’s event. It should be a blast!

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