What’s My Career Path? The Technologist’s Dilemma (Part 2)

In my last post I ruminated on some ways to work as a technologist within a firm. This time I’ll discuss the consultant option. Many of our friends – and even some of us – have either thought about it or gone and done it.

It’s worth considering whether you’d like to set up your own consultancy or work with others. Many Autodesk resellers have developed robust consulting service offerings, and of course Autodesk itself has a strong consulting business as well. If you’re not super keen on having to run a business, one of those might be a good fit.

Work can fall into a few categories: software use/ bim, software maintenance & hardware, or BIM strategy (execution plans, BIM management, and the like). Some consultants do all of them, and some focus on one or two.

I read an interesting Architizer survey a couple of weeks ago, which concluded that firms would rather hire their own in-house technologist(s) rather than engage a consultant. The research was conducted last year, but it’s…

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