Zombie Projects

Zombie Projects… project that are resurrected from the dead… how to deal with them, how to bring them back to life so they wont bite you on the neck.

Projects raised from the dead!
I refer to projects that have been “raised from the dead” as Zombie projects.
Projects that have been started in Revit years ago, and for one reason or another, were then put on hold only to be resurrected again after a number of years…or a number of Revit versions.
Bringing a project back from the dead can be both challenging and fraught with danger.
Zombie projects can react in unexpected ways as the program tries to manage data and parameters that may not exist, or the function has changed. Creating a “Frankenstein” project where you’re cutting and chopping sections from the old project to create a new project can infect a new project with indiscriminate data or elements that can confuse and anger the victim causing mayhem throughout the team.
Be diligent in cleaning a project when moving…

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