And The Winner Is…. – RTC News

The RTC Events Management team would like to thank all the attendees from RTC NA 2016 who took the time to send us responses on our feedback survey post the event. We know it takes a decent amount of time to recap and think about all the experiences you had at the event and then to find time and put together all the aspects that worked or didn’t work for you and to let us know about it.

We appreciate this feedback as it helps us improve and work towards the next event and better improve the experience. Rest assured we have valuable information provided by the attendees that we are implementing towards BILT NA 2017 that’s taking place in Toronto, Canada.

As a token of our gratitude, we took the names of all the feedback survey participants and drew a winner. This is the first time we are announcing this person as the winner, in fact even he doesn’t know that he has won himself an iPad Mini. Heartiest congratulations to Don Bokmiller (Robins & Morton). We will be in touch…

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