Andrew Anagnost killed it at the #AU2016 Closing Keynote (and Rob Corddry was there too)


As our final keynote of the event, Autodesk Senior Vice President, Andrew Anagnost, shared his perspective on driving change through innovation. Rob Corddry, star of the movie, Hot Tub Time Machine, injected some fun into the event.

While Rob was at our Pier 9 office, he and Autodesk Explorer, Jonathan Knowles, filmed some promos for the closing keynote:

“I was at / will be at Thursday’s general session, and I killed…” — Rob Corddry


Antics aside, here are my takeaways from the closing keynote:

  • Innovations that were once considered “crazy California ideas” are now starting to be possible and practical.

  • Traditional auto manufacturers who scoffed at electric cars are now playing catch up.

  • Self-driving cars have changed the experience that auto makers need to provide — from one of driver to one of passenger.

  • 3D printing will be used by…

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