Benefits of 4D & 5D BIM to Construction Projects

China Zun tower is the tallest structure in Beijing with 108 floors across a gross floor area of 43.7 million square meters. Construction completion of this project was timed at an aggressive 62 months, 1.4 times faster than projects of same size. The project team created 652 BIM models and 800 component families to facilitate construction coordination and workflow. For the 6.5 meters thick base slab of the tower, 56,000 cubic meters were required to be poured all at once. The BIM workflow simulated the entire pouring process and associated resource and equipment logistics. This seamless and meticulous coordination resulted in the project being completed in 93 hours – seven hours less than estimated.

Better Interdisciplinary Coordination

Since the reworks are minimized and each worker on site is adequately informed about what he would be working upon at a particular phase of construction project, there is better coordination among various disciplines. The contractors can easily…

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