Benefits of 4D/5D BIM to General Contractors across Construction Projects

Benefits of 4D/5D BIM

BIM has proved its worth by enhancing the productivity of architects, engineers, and construction firms. Meanwhile, general contractors, contractors and sub-contractors cannot just be lagging behind from what they can get out of BIM. After all, entire responsibility of any construction project is on the shoulders of general contractors.

It is not much of a surprise that 4D & 5D information rich intelligent models are being appreciated by contractors. The 4th dimension “Time” and 5th dimension “cost estimation” play a vital role for General Contractors in winning the bid for any project. BIM for General Contractors equipped with intelligent and information rich 4D and 5D models have direct as well as indirect benefits for the work managed by a contractor.


The 4th Dimension

In conjugation with three dimensions, the added 4th dimension of time, fondly known as 4D BIM, what is usually referred as construction scheduling, avails the…

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