Best Practices for Box Sync if You Have Long Scanning Times and Box Sync are part of a really robust ecosystem for managing large files and large folder structures. We have found them to be very reliable overall, even when working with large BIM files and datasets.

However, there is one interesting ‘catch’ to how Box Sync works. I received this advice from Box Support after making a feature request:

So, at this point, any change in your local mirror of a Box folder will trigger a re-scan. I have around 270000 files amounting to 741 GB syncing to Box. This means the scanning time is quite long and I guess sometimes it doesn’t even get out of that loop until I stop touching those files.

The quickest workaround is to use the web app to upload / download if you have a requirement to do something quickly.

I will consider other ways to work around this issue. Any ideas out there? And don’t tell me I shouldn’t be syncing so much 🙂

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