What is BILT?

  • We are the only global, non-profit conference series dedicated to expanding BIM adoption through education.
  • We are a community of practitioners, committed to assisting others in overcoming the technical challenges of BIM adoption while maximizing the return on investment in technology.
  • We are endorsed by governments all over the world as a source for unbiased and effective BIM Training.

What is BILT Asia 2017?

  • BILT Asia 2017 is a 3 Day BIM conference to be held at the Marina Bay Sands Conference and Events Center in Singapore from March 30- April 1, 2017
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to choose from 60 lectures and labs, taught by industry leaders from 13 countries across the globe.
  • There are 13 sessions, each 75 minutes in length, providing attendees with over 16 hours of expert BIM training!
  • Classes will provide detailed instruction and case study experience, allowing attendees deeper insights and advantages on leveraging maximum value from BIM adoption.

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