Chairman’s Reflections: RTC Europe 2016

The last ‘RTC’ conference is now nearly 2 weeks past and I have been thinking a good deal about what made the event so successful and where it is headed. First though, let me point you to a great wrap-up post from last week posted by Jose Fandos: Recapping RTC Europe 2016 We are sad to see Jose leaving us, but are grateful for his contributions and enthusiasm, and wish him all the best as he focuses on Kinship, his growing content management product.

As Jose said, we have long felt that we needed to challenge our own comfort level in terms of who and what we are. We have always said that Revit is not BIM, but rather is simply the primary BIM tool within our arsenal, and that to be effective we must keep abreast of developments across the whole ecosystem of tools and processes that allow us to be effective in practice. RTC as an event has practiced this mantra by being inclusive with regard to other vendors, products, processes, even other industries from which we can…

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