Coordination in Architects, Structural & MEP Engineers; Crucial across Construction Projects

Coordination in Architects, Structural & MEP Engineers

The famous saying, “If we move together then success takes care of itself” is so very applicable to building and infrastructure projects. Here in the saying, ‘we’ refers to architects, structural, MEP engineers, contractors, and construction firms; and ‘moving together’ points to the coordination and collaboration required by small large or medium construction projects with multiple complexities to be delivered within short deadlines.

Dailymail, on 11th March 2015, reported about the construction of a 57 story skyscraper built in 19 days at the rate of three floors per day in China. This is what exactly what the market demands and it call for establishing collaboration and coordination amongst all the disciplines of construction: Architectural, Structural and MEP.

Importance of Coordination

No building can successfully be constructed only by considering or giving more importance to only one or two of these disciplines. All of them need to be given the same importance….

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