Dancing Robot takes the stage at the Las Vegas DevDay

Yesterday Autodesk held its first Developer Day of the 2016 season with a pre-conference event ahead of Autodesk University 2016 in Las Vegas. My old pals at the Developer Network team had asked me to participate, so I came along and presented a session on Virtual and Augmented Reality at Autodesk.

The DevDay Las Vegas crowd

The main event was primarily about Forge, natureally enough. It’s great to see how the platform’s evolving, over time.

During the VR/AR session we spent time looking at various VR-related technologies available from Autodesk, and then demoed a couple of AR prototypes Cyrille Fauvel and I had created.

My own prototype was (of course) the “Dancing Robot”, and we found a pretty good way to show it on stage: I placed one of the HoloLens headsets on a seat in the front row if the audience, looking at the stage. I’d already set the demo up so that both devices were seeing the same hologram and we then streamed the video feed from the HoloLens in the crowd to the projector.


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