Deciding on Which Classes to Propose for Conferences in 2017

I have been getting a lot of questions about which classes I will be teaching in 2017 and I thought it would be fun to show you how I decide which classes to propose each year.
It starts with me making a list of all the classes that I Previously have taught since 2012.
See the list below.

I try not to teach the same exact class at the same conference so it helps me narrow down which classes NOT to teach. Then I make a list of all the classes I WANT to teach.
See the list below

In this case I have about 35 classes in this list and I could not realistically propose to teach everyone of these classes so I have to narrow it down to some manageable number. In this case the top 6 shown in Red I have (just) proposed at RTCNA/ BILTNA2017.
How do I decide which top classes get proposed?

Well its usually the classes I am the most excited about but if you readers and the AEC community feel there is a better class to propose that is on or off this list I would be happy to hear  your input in the…
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