Fast Plans – A Handy Construction Program For Engineers

Fast Plans software can rapidly complete an engineering drawing. This construction program offers the following features :-

• Plan design – Fast Plans facilitates the users to instantly prepare the plan of a house. To perform that, the users have to provide each room’s parameters, extern and intern wall’s thickness, windows’ size and so on.

• Opening’s spots: Fast Plans also help the users to identify the exact position for arranging the door and the windows. It consists of libraries, staircases, and bathroom or chimney placement to place them easily.

• Guidance: help menu and assistant will make the working process of Fast Plans simpler. If the users want to proceed with the plan design, this assistant will provide guidance through its menu and functions. Besides, these features, the software can also accomplish different calculations independently.

Fast Plans is compatible with Windows XP 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP


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