Free technology preview of DWG Sync for Revit now available


It’s a balancing act – keeping your DWG files in sync with your Revit models. We’ve got a free technology preview for you to try that might make your life easier.

The DWG Sync for Revit 2017/2016 is our technology preview of a utility that can help you manage DWG files imported into Revit families. Once the DWG is loaded into the family, the DWG Sync tool enables you to update modified DWGs into the current project’s family definitions. The DWG Sync tool is composed of two commands: DWG Import and DWG Sync

  • The DWG Import command requires that the current Revit project is saved. When clicked, this command prompts with a file open window to enable you to select a DWG to load into a new family into the current project. The command creates a family, loads the DWG into the family, and then places an instance of the family at the current project’s origin.

  • The DWG Sync command enables you to update family definitions with embedded DWG files that were created with the DWG…

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