I have had a number of ARCHICAD users ask me, “Why does ARCHICON no longer exist, and what will I benefit from attending BILT?”

Many assume that ARCHICON is no more because I found it too hard or that there wasn’t enough interest. But when I explain the real reasons behind the change they immediately realise the benefits. For those that are not aware, I began ARCHICON in 2015 with similar aspirations to what Wesley Benn did with RTC over a decade ago.

The reason for convening ARCHICON was to bring the best users together to share their knowledge for all local users to learn from whilst building the ARCHICAD user community. As successful as the event was, it was 100% focused on using one BIM authoring tool and didn’t enable attendees to attend sessions relevant to industry outside of the use of a single tool.

This year ARCHICON was co-located with RTC Australasia 2016 which provided greater opportunities for ARCHICON guests to attend other sessions of interest. In…

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