Google Earth VR | 3D Rudder

It’s Friday – and a holiday in the US – so it’s time for some fun…

Some weeks ago I received an interesting device through the post. It’s called the 3D Rudder and is made by a startup in Marseille. They’ve basically created a foot-controlled joystick with three degrees of freedom, so you can control roll, pitch and yaw, all while keeping your hands free.

The makers of the 3D Rudder originally intended it for navigating in 3D design applications – one of the founders is an architect by background – so their interest in me playing with it is mainly to provide a basic integration with AutoCAD. They have a .NET SDK, so it shouldn’t be too hard to put something together and share it on GitHub… expect to see more on this in a future post.

Here’s the device in question. You place it on the ground, connect it via USB to your PC – where all being well it should be recognised as a joystick – and away you go: you place you feet on either side and can then not…

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