Hey You!

Walking around AU 2016 has been great and the conference hasn’t even started yet! Seeing so many familiar RTC / BILT attendees, speakers, sponsors is wonderful (Steve Shell!). It seems like every other smile and wave in the conference area and conference hotel is a chance to briefly catch up with someone since the Scottsdale conference and briefly chat about how we’re already looking forward to 2017 in Toronto.

The weirdest part? Being able to relax! I initially felt very anxious walking around the unfinished exhibition and conference areas knowing there’s a multitude of  issues being addressed by the Autodesk University team. And then I realized it’s all under control. 🙂

So relax! Raise a glass! Learn something cool!

Great job AU Team. And the WiFi is really great. Ahem…Porto…ahem.

Follow the AU Team at twitter.com/AutodeskU

So wave, smile and don’t forget to use your secret RTC / BILT handshake!

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