How to Connect Revit to Anything the Smart Way

Convert Visio to Revit

So you’re out to dinner at a new restaurant in town.

You’re excited to be here and you’ve invited a couple of friends.

You invited these particular two people to dinner because you have some important work to do and you need them to work together in order to get this thing done.

Now, these two people have never spoken to each other. In fact, until tonight, they didn’t know the other existed.

You have a great relationship with both of them individually. You talk every day. You’ve shared some great times and some tough times too. But this if the first time you’ve put the two of them together.

They seem amicable on the surface but you notice they’re eyeing each other suspiciously.

As you start talking about what you want to do, you realize the problem.

While they can both understand you, they can’t understand each other. It’s as if they don’t hear what the other is saying.  The words just wash right over them.

Uh oh.

How are you going to get your work done when two of the most…

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