Last Night’s American Election Results


I am living the American dream. I went to college on an academic scholarship. I have a good paying job that I love. I married my high school sweetheart. We have two beautiful children. One is employed and getting married next year to the man of her dreams. The other served in the military and is now in college. We live in a house near water.

However, for many Americans, they are not living their dream. They have huge outstanding student debt from college. They can’t find work. The cost of living makes buying a home seem impossible. Even the cost of renting is a challenge. From last night’s election results, it appears that there are more people like this than me.

As a fiscally conservative, but socially liberal Republican, I am pro-choice and support gay marriage; however, I acknowledge that there are people who hold deeply religious beliefs who are not OK with this. Rather than belittle these people with names like fundamentalists or homophobes, Democrats need to acknowledge…

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