Lumion 7 New Features


Feel the space with Lumion 7

Cover surfaces with Ivy, add weathering or transparency.  Add area lights or light strips.  Tranform any model into realistic foliage.  Palce your model on the map with OpenStreetMap.

For the complete list go HERE.

Video tutorials on all the new features:

Landscape: Use OpenStreetMap

Landscape: Add Your Model to OpenStreetMap

Materials: Material Foliage Settings

Materials: Materials Transparency Settings

Materials: Material Weathering Settings

Materials: Leaves Materials Presets

Materials: Curtains Materials Presets

Materials: Aged Materials Presets

Materials: Use Material Favorites

Objects: Add Area Light

Objects: Add Line Light

Movie Mode: Render And Upload To YouTube

Photo Mode: Render And Upload Image

Photo Mode: Render And Upload Image Set


For customers who already bought new Lumion 6 licenses during the months July, August or…

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