Meeting Minutes: Adding Zest to a Mundane Task


I have blogged about this once before. Since I am an organized person, I often wind up being the one who records the minutes at our meetings. When I send out meeting minutes, I use a format that includes the following sections.

  • Date
  • Attendees
  • Agreements
  • Action Items

I have been doing it this way for years. I tend to document just the agreements and action items rather than record everything that everybody said. Meeting minutes for an hour meeting are no good if they take longer than an hour to read.

Though I am going for brevity, I do add a tiny bit of superfluous information to make the minutes fun to read. Rather than just put the date, I put the date along with a fun fact about something that happened on that day. I also select a quote of the day related to the fun fact.

I use the SiteScope site to get a list of events that happened on a particular day.

I get the quotes from a quotations page:

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