Norelco: Newer but not better?

Norelco may be an Autodesk customer. So perhaps I am biting the hand feeds me? But here goes: Newer is not better!

I have been using an electric shaver for the last 20 years. I have been through a few of them. The one I have now is several years old:


Figuring that blades have dulled over time, I thought I would replace them. So I searched for them via the web and found a replacement.


They attached to my new razor just fine:


I have been using the replacement blades for a short while. My problem is that newer is not better in more than one way.

The new ones are harder to clean. Note how the old blades can be easily rinsed by simply flipping open the head.


The new one requires that the head be removed, rinsed, and carefully snapped back into place.


Cleaning aside, the real problem is that the new blades do not shave as closely. Here I am before shaving (This is about 5:00 am).


As an experiment, I shaved one side of my face with the old blades (left) and the other…

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