Original Stitch: What should a bespoke customer satisfaction process be?


Autodesk believes that the future of making involves three fundamental changes:

  • Products themselves will be smarter via enablements via the internet of things.
  • Processes will move towards automation via robots and greater efficiency via techniques like additive manufacturing.
  • Consumer demand will shift toward bespoke creations instead of generic off-the-shelf products.

With this in mind, I ordered a custom-made shirt from Original Stitch and have been chronicling my experience.

This brings up the question of what should the return policy be for bespoke creations.


For traditional items that are all alike, an unwanted item is returned to the manufacturer. The manufacturer can then verify that the item is in good condition or restore it and sell it to another customer. For a bespoke creation, that is not possible since each product is a one-of-a-kind creation….

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