Over a Quarter Million Served

There are now over 250,000 people in the Autodesk Feedback Community which is home to most pre-release beta testing for Autodesk products and technologies, Autodesk Labs, and some usability projects.

<grandpa voice> I remember when I started at Autodesk in the Beta team in 1998, we had 3 beta projects of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD Mechanical and under 500 beta customers who were sent a physical CD ROM to test and then fax or email bug reports back to us. <grandpa voice off>

The Internet truly changed everything as more people can participate, download software instantly, and provide feedback in real-time making the products much better.

A big sincere thank you to everyone who participates in our feedback community as you are truly critical to Autodesk product teams as extended team members.

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