Separating Model and Detail Lines in Revit – part 2

A couple of years ago I posted a description of how to distinguish between model and detail lines in Revit.  An anonymous comment rightly pointed out a method that I had missed – probably because it was right in front of me I completely forgot about an extremely useful view property:

View “Display Model”

The default setting for this property is “Normal”, which displays both 3D model elements and 2D annotation, so you don’t necessarily know which is which.

One very common problem I find with dodgy Revit models is that people have ‘drawn’ floor penetrations using model lines rather than using shaft openings, or even worse, have used detail lines, which would only show in that view.

If you select across the whole model and filter out everything except lines, you can at least tell which ones are lines – but not which are model vs detail lines.  This is where the ‘Display Model’ property comes in handy:

Set it to ‘Do Not Display’ and all the model elements are hidden

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