Using the Forge Viewer at the worlds biggest WebVR hackathon

The world’s biggest WebVR hackathon – Virtuleap – kicked off on Thursday of last week. Before we talk about the hackathon, let’s discuss why it’s an exciting time for this technology…

WebVR is exploding on a number of fronts, most of which relate to the industry as a whole, while one is a little more Autodesk-centric.

  1. Oculus recently announced support for WebVR – and a new ReactVR framework – in their Carmel browser
  • It was announced a whole month ago – which seems like ages, these days – but this is a significant milestone
  • Google is launching WebVR support for Android Chrome in January
    • This is a big deal: a large number of smartphones will soon have WebVR support by default
  • WebVR is progressing steadily towards being a ratified W3C standard
    • There’s lots of great content online from the recent W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality, which gives a great feel for this progress (many thanks to Giorgio Mazzucchelli for thinking to share this link)
  • The version of…
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