VR/AR, Generative Design and Robots at AU2016

As usual, this year’s Autodesk University was a crazy tech-fest. Here’s a lightning round-up of some of the cool stuff I saw, through the lens of my personal interests and the small amount of spare time I managed to spend exploring.

Firstly, AR and VR were everywhere. The Future of Making Things Pavilion had 11 different VR booths, some of which were connected for collaborative experiences. I didn’t get to try any (argh!) but I’m told I’ll be getting access to the experiences for our VR installation in Neuchatel, in due course.

VR at the FoMT pavilion

Two of the pods

Another pod

One of my favourite projects in recent years – and the brain-child of early Kinect hacker, Oliver Kreylos – is the AR Sandbox. This is another project we’re due to build for the Neuchatel office (we’ve bought the wood, now we just need to build the box and get it all set up).

The idea is that you manipulate a model of your terrain in a sandpit which gets constantly scanned by Kinect. The contour map of the terrain is projected down…

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