Aerial View of Lake Oswego Oregon Autodesk Office

I recently purchased and received my new personal UAS/UAV a DJI Mavic. This little drone folds up and can be easily packed in my backpack or camera bag and has many advanced technologies like obstacle avoidance and several automated flight modes like follow me and follow terrain. II t can go 40mph and has a radio range 4.6 mile range however FAA law require visual one of sight. The camera is not as good as the larger DJI Inspire but still a really nice camera and 4K video. One of my first flights was at the Autodesk Lake Oswego Oregon office. I can’t wait to do some aerial 3D models and  maps using Autodesk ReMake and ReCap 360 but have to wait for some good weather as the UAS is not weatherproof.
Autodesk Lake Oswego Oregon Office

This UAS is essentially a flying camera and is a lot of fun to fly and I cannot wait to take it up into the mountains when weather permits, but did take it to Hawaii last week.

Hawaii Trip 2016 Waimanalo

More on the amazing and historic events I attended last week in Hawaii in a future blog post.

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