Bridging the Design Team Communication Gap – RTC News

As our industry pushes forward with new and (debatably) better technology, key members of the design team are being left out. Communication and knowledge transfer between senior and junior level design team members is a significant struggle for many AE firms and this gap appears to have grown increasingly wider over the years.

When CAD was first introduced, some technically savvy design team members gravitated towards it, but many preferred to continue drawing by hand. This wasn’t too much of a divide, however, since CAD is simply digitized hand drafting. The senior and junior level design team members could still speak the same language as the information was visually represented the same way.

The adoption of BIM widened the gap. Since the model is a virtual representation of the designed building it should be the ideal environment for sharing knowledge. What’s happening instead is the senior design team members are disconnected from the rest of the team due to the…

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