Bring survey points into your InfraWorks 360 model from a CSV


Have you ever tried to import your survey points into InfraWorks 360 using a simple CSV tabular format like an Excel spreadsheet?

Admittedly, without knowledge of FDO, GDAL, and OGR, this can seem like a daunting workflow at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a pretty quick and painless operation. Not to mention– once you try this out once or twice, your eyes will be opened to the magic of using a variety of different data providers to bring your data into InfraWorks 360.

For this example, I will use publicly available survey points for the Boston Seaport area (sourced from the Massachusetts DOT) that I have copy-pasted into a CSV, and import those survey points into InfraWorks 360 as points of interest, using an OGR:VRT generic data provider connection.

Ok, so here’s how to bring your survey points into InfraWorks 360 from a CSV format spreadsheet:

1) Create or open your spreadsheet in CSV format.

2) Configure your columns and label headers to properly…

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