BunnyBots is this Weekend in Portland Oregon


Come have fun and see some amazing high school kids who designed and built some robots at BunnyBots competing between the teams in here in beautiful Portland Oregon. Team 1540 Flaming Chickens of Catlin Gabel are hosting and organized the game and event. In a nutshell the teams have built robots race around a figure 8 course to collect stuffed bunnies from burrows to score points as well get more bonus points by firing optionally attached Nerf guns. The robots start a 10 second autonomous period followed by 2:20 seconds of driver controlled competition against other teams. The point is not only to have fun but to prepare for the impending FIRST FRC season competition which will be revealed on January 7th.

“BunnyBots provides a 12-week build season in the fall to help make FIRST more of a year-round activity. Each year, 1540 alumni, mentors, and a few students design the rules for an original game and provide the primary volunteer force to run the event. Learning those skills in…

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