Dasher 360: Give it a try!

During the lead up to Autodesk University 2016, held a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, we made a number of key updates to Dasher 360. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Dasher 360 is Project Dasher re-imagined for the web using Autodesk’s Forge platform.

Here’s a video that shows many of the enhancements we’ve made in recent months:



Aside from my AU2016 class on Dasher – and how we used Forge to implement it – Alex Tessier and I presented Dasher 360 during the Construction Launch Pad event in front of around 1,000 attendees. Our segment was quite brief – I spent the majority of my half of it talking over the above demo video – but we received some nice feedback. The recording isn’t yet live on the AU web-site, but I’ll embed it in a post once it’s there.

To give Dasher 360 a try yourself, head on over to Dasher360.com and click on the “Demo” button. You’ll be able to explore sensor data relating to the 210 King St. East building, although…

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