Easily Add a Prefix to Detail Numbers with This Revit Macro

It’s easy to update your detail numbers in Revit. Just select the view on the sheet and edit the View Number in the Properties window. Probably takes a few seconds at most. But what if you needed to edit ALL of your view numbers? How long would that take?

Suppose you need to add a prefix to a detail number in your Revit project. Instead of the detail reading “1”, you want it to read as “A1”. Pretty easy to do, right? Just select the viewport and edit the “Detail Number” property. But what if you needed to do this to ALL the details in your project.

Ugh. . . that’s going to take a while.

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This is the predicament an ArchSmarter reader found himself in recently when he needed to add a prefix to all his detail numbers. If you’re facing a similar situation, fear not! This Revit macro…

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