Happy with my new Acer Predator PC

Here’s a blog post that I started on Friday. It’s the old and the new.


My Christmas present arrived early. I got a new PC. I got an Acer Predator G9-791. Though I have historically bought DELL computers for my home use, I liked the specs on this one:


I liked that it has a 512 gigabyte solid-state drive for the operating system so it boots up fast and a large 1 terabyte hard drive that will be large enough as my data storage only seems to grow as in more pictures, more spreadsheets, more music. (The Leading Edge PC that I bought in 1984 had a 10 megabyte hard drive. The combination of drives in my new PC are 157,286 times larger.)

My old DELL XPS L501X PC started out with Windows 7. As it started to age and slow down, I upgraded it to Windows 10 in hopes of resuscitating it. That improved some things, but it was still slow. I am not sure why PCs seem to slow down with age. My guess is that each operating system tries to do more on our behalf, but the original…

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