HoloLens and Forge at the Munich Accelerator

It’s been a challenging few days of “acceleration” in Munich. We’ve had a large, highly motivated crowd, which has definitely been a highlight.

The kick-off of the latest Forge Accelerator in Munich

On the lowlight side, during the last 24 hours we’ve had our first major outage of the Forge platform. A core service, ACM – our Access Control Manager – went down early yesterday morning (for us here in Europe). This impacted both the Data Management and Model Derivative APIs, without which you can’t really use the Forge viewer, for example, as well as various other cloud-connected products such as Fusion 360 and Collaboration for Revit. Thankfully the service has now been restored, which means the Accelerator attendees making use of the affected services can continue their work.

One comment I’ve heard is that people didn’t have a good sense of when things were going to be back online. Part of the problem with this particular outage was that this information wasn’t easily predictable, but here are some pointers…

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