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Life is full of great debates: vanilla vs. chocolate, coffee vs. tea, pancakes vs. waffles, dogs vs. cats—you get the idea. As for computer users, one of the greatest debates that’s been raging since the mid-1980s is which PC platform is best, Mac or Windows. While both sides in all the aforementioned debates are usually equally as passionate as the other, the answer always comes down to individual preference. So, no matter what side you’re on, you win. You get to choose what is best for you, no matter the reason for that choice. For CAD users, however, the answer has not been as cut and dry as choosing based on personal preference. Why? Not every CAD program is available on both Mac and Windows platforms. This means you either stick with your platform of choice, which limits your software choice, or be forced to pick a platform you may not be familiar with to use the software of your choice. That’s not a win/win. For Mac and AutoCAD users, the world just got a lot bigger in terms of choices.

Earlier this week, Autodesk announced the launch of AutoCAD 2017 for Mac and AutoCAD LT 2017 for Mac. It’s been over a year since the PC version of AutoCAD was ported to the Mac, and the Autodesk team has made many improvements and enhancements for the Mac platform. Mac users desiring AutoCAD as their CAD software choice can now work with familiar hardware, software and workflows. That’s a big deal when you consider there are 170-plus million users of Autodesk…

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