Mesh Enabler for Autodesk Inventor is also free to teachers and students


The Mesh Enabler started out as a technology preview of an add-on for Autodesk Inventor. As shipped, Autodesk Inventor creates mesh features when you import mesh data from certain file formats. The mesh features are for visualization purposes and cannot be modified. Using the mesh enabler add-on, Inventor users can convert the mesh data to base features — solids and surfaces. They can then manipulate the resultant base features as if they are native Inventor data.

The Mesh Enabler has since graduated and is now available as an add-on from the Autodesk App Store available to Autodesk Subscription customers.

Visit the download page for SUbscription Customers

Autodesk software is free to faculty and students for at-school and at-home use via our Education community.

Visit the Education site

As we want students to be able to have every advantage in their education, I make the Mesh Enabler for Inventor available. Teachers and students email me at

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