Milling for Chocolate by Philippe Videau and Lucas Prokopiak

Philippe Videau is Technical Assistant to the Head of Product Development at Autodesk. You may recall Philippe when he was one our interns for the Summer of Fabrication 2015. Lucas Prokopiak is a Technical Assistant to the CEO for Applied Research and Innovation. Lucas is part of a team that just won two Spark awards for their clock design. Philippe and Lucas recently did some work with fabrication and filed this report. With their permission, I am sharing it with It’s Alive in the Lab readers.


Chocolate doesn’t last. It’s either eaten as soon as it emerges from its wrapper blanket, or it just melts away in the sun only to be trodden on by someone yelling obscenities here and there at the fact that he’s just stepped in something brown. While chocolate maybe doesn’t last, it’s been with us for ages, centuries, millennia, essentially any time period relatable to the human experience — and it’s been a significant part of that experience, whether as “food of the gods”…

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