My Favorite Blog Posts for 2016 – Thanks for reading


I have been blogging since February 14, 2006. Normally I write about new, updated, retired, or graduated technology previews from Autodesk. Blogging is a way to spread the word about a technology to encourage potential users to try the preview. It’s part of my job. For my first two years of blogging, I pretty much covered just the technology previews and nothing else.

Then one day our CEO, Carl Bass, told me “You know Scott, if you’re going to blog, people kind of want to feel like they’re hanging out with you.” This did get me to share more of my personality on my blog. I started using every bad pun possible and covered non-work-related topics. So in the spirit of blog posts that are not the run-of-the-mill technology preview related, here are my favorites for 2016 (ordered chronologically).

  1. 20 Todd Rundgren Songs For Almost Every Occasion In Your Life


  2. Taste Test: Entenmann’s Popettes versus Hostess Donettes


  3. Why does Autodesk have a Labs?


  4. The…

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