Progress on our VR room

Things are moving ahead regarding the VR room we’re building at Autodesk in Neuchatel. Come mid-January we’ll be ready to welcome guests to the Neuchatel office and get them excited about the potential of applying Virtual Reality technology in the design space.

This week we had Joel Pennington visit from the Autodesk LIVE team in San Francisco: he trained a number of people from the Neuchatel office on how to use the VR system and went through demos that showcase a variety of Autodesk tools and technologies.

Joel explaining something interesting

The breadth of demos we now have available is impressive and getting bigger by the day. AU 2016 helped a lot, as a number of demos were prepared specifically for the event.

VR can be fun

Trying some demos myself

The VR room itself is nearly ready, too. The last masonry work has been done, and the glass doors will be fitted in early January. We’ve ordered some furniture, too, to make it nice and cosy.

The VR room is getting there, steadily

After training the Autodesk team on VR, Joel and I went along to see a local architecture firm, Herzog…

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