Recap: Autodesk University 2016 by the numbers

The dust has settled and we’re busy processing your AU Las Vegas 2016 surveys to find out who your favorite speakers were, where we scored points this year, and how we can improve next year. (If you were in Vegas and haven’t submitted yours yet, there’s still time—log in to your Autodesk account and click on Take a Survey now. Help us make AU better.)

Since we all love data, we threw together some fun AU 2016 numbers:

159,800 live stream views

88,173 miles walked

42,000 butts in seats (total class attendance)

9,933 attendees

934 speakers and co-speakers

783 hours of classroom instruction

686 classes and labs

434 hours of class media produced

296 exhibitors

… and a partridge in a pear tree. (Just kidding. Unless it was a robotic partridge in a 3D-printed pear tree, then maybe we’d believe it.)

All in all, those are some pretty impressive numbers to cram into 3 days, right?

Thanks again to everyone who helped us make this year’s event a huge success. We’ll be…

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